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Redmire Pool

The Phone Wars

Today I tried to book a weekend at Redmire Pool for the first time, unfortunately I wasn’t successful. Bookings are taken on just one day of the year and it is extremely popular. I tried calling from 10am until 1:30pm, I made roughly 1750 phone calls and heard the engaged tone each and every time. I clearly wasn’t alone.

Around about that time I checked the forum and found out all sessions had been booked up until November so decided to give it up.

Oh well, maybe next year.

The Pool

If you don’t know about Redmire Pool, it is a small pond of about two acres near Ross-on-Wye and considered to be the birth place of modern carp fishing. Three British record carp were caught from this small pond: The first, a carp of 31lb 4oz caught by Bob Richards on the 3rd of October, 1951. A slightly unpleasant picture from a different era, of a gaffed, dead carp that we’ll skip over…

Richard Walker Ravioli 44lb

The second was Ravioli caught by Richard Walker (The fish was moved to London Zoo where she was renamed Clarissa), caught at a British record weight of 44lb on 13th September 1952.

Richard Walker was the inventor of the Arlesey bomb and the electronic bite alarm.

Chris Yates With The Bishop

Third, The Bishop caught by Chris Yates at a British record weight of 51lb 8oz on 16th June 1980. Yates was initially denied the British record as he only had witness statements and photographs to back up his claim and the records body of the day demanded to physically witness record captures. This eventually led to the formation of a new British record fish committee as many specimen anglers did not want to kill their captures to make a claim.

A Passion For Angling

The best episode of the best angling series ever made is named ‘Redmire Legends’ and this is where I first learnt about the place. If you haven’t seen it I recommend keeping an eye out on the Discovery channels if you have them, or getting hold of the DVDs from the website. Filmed by Hugh Miles and narrated by Bernard Cribbins, starring Chris Yates and Bob James… You couldn’t ask for more.

I guarantee you’ll be on the phone listening to an engaged tone for three and a half hours next year too…

A Passion For Angling - Gudgeon Match at Dawn
The infamous “Gudgeon Match at Dawn”.

A Passion For Angling - Tree Fishing
Chris Yates and Bob James carp fishing from half way up a tree at Redmire pool… As you do.

The Lobworm and The Perch

Perch Cigarette Card
During the school holidays, circa 1996, a number of different elements came together which led to me catching my first coarse fish; my first six, in fact.

In stereotypically traditional-style, all were perch caught on lobworms dug from the garden.

• On a Sunday bike ride with my dad, uncle and cousin to Pinkneys Green I discovered the clay pits and my old man told me that he used to fish them for tench when he was a boy. I remember those bike rides that summer fondly. Occasionally we’d stop at the pub and my dad and uncle even fell off their bikes a few times. Not that I realised at the time, but they were clearly both shit faced.
• I acquired a set of fish cigarette cards. No idea where these came from. Before this I probably didn’t know what coarse fish looked like.
• Whilst my Dad had stopped fishing and sold his all his gear. My friend’s Dad had stopped fishing and had tackle in his garage and lots of it, I can remember digging around the garage and finding all this gear pretty exciting.
• I rediscovered the rod and reel from when my Dad first took me fishing.

Friends were called, my Mum was begged for a lift and one morning we were away. Armed with end tackle half-inched from my Friend’s Dad’s garage, a tin of sweetcorn and some lobworms dug up from the garden the night before, a group of four intrepid young piscators arrived at the pond….

The moment when the float slides off stops your heartbeat every single time and I can recall the first time so well even now. I wasn’t quite sure what the fish was but, fortunately armed with my cigarette cards our group ID’d it as a perch. I caught 5 more that day. Not to be too childishly smug but the other three lads blanked. When my Dad arrived that evening he plumbed the depth and sorted my rig out properly to try for a tench. I cast out into the pond and hooked another small perch, the fish tugged about and I recall seeing it in the clearer upper layers of the water before it was engulfed by an explosion. A pike had taken it and bit off the line in the process. You couldn’t make a more exciting end to the day up.


Dad and I fishing in Swanage
This is the first time I went fishing. We were on holiday in Swanage, Dorset at the time, in our caravan, and I guess my Dad wanted to take me out to catch a fish or two. I can’t remember the exact details, for obvious reasons that can be summed up by the fact that I’m wearing jelly shoes and still have a head of bright blonde hair.

However, I do have some vague memories of that day. Going into the tackle shop to buy the gear (an incredible Aladdin’s cave), the rag worms that were wrapped in newspaper (disgusting) and lastly that I couldn’t quite get down the concept of reeling the fish in without my Dad having to remind me every single time. I preferred trying to launch the fish upwards.

I think I probably caught around 4 or 5 wrasse. But importantly, that weighty fibreglass rod & reel went on to live in our garage where I would rediscover it during the school summer holidays some years later.

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