In 2018, when our son was a small baby, I had the great idea to buy the new Kill Team boxed set. It would be a relatively small investment to paint up a squad to play, and painting the ruins would just need a couple of quick drybrushes, right?

It was a while before I could be bothered to do anything but eat dinner and go to bed in the evenings after work, when our son was sleeping much better. By that point, I was on to wanting to paint something new.

Finally during the 2020 lockdown I picked up a paintbrush and painted those ruined buildings.

I’m happy with the decision to go for a very simple paint scheme as I’m a slow painter at the best of times, and it took a whole lot longer than I’d expected to apply paint to all those big surfaces. If I did it again, I’d find a cheaper wash than Agrax earthshade as I used two and a half big pots. To offset this, I have learnt that the 99p matt varnish from is as good or better than Citadel varnish and will be using it on all my models in future.